RRC Houston District Office Is Closed

The RRC Houston District Office is closed due to a power outage from last week’s storm damage in the city. If you need assistance, you can contact the office by calling 713-869-5001 or by emailing Houston@rrc.texas.gov.

Resources for Operators

The Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) adopted the Pipeline Damage Prevention Rules under Title 16 of the Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 18.  The rule, which became effective September 1, 2007, applies to pipeline operators and persons engaged in or preparing to engage in excavation activities in the vicinity of a pipeline.

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Public Incident Query


Damage Reporting Form

This form is to be completed by an Operator following a pipeline damage.

Report No Damage Non Compliance

This form can be completed by an Operator to report Non-Compliance of Chapter 18 where no damage has occurred.

Per Rule §18.11, each operator of an underground pipeline shall report to the Commission all damage to its pipelines caused by an excavator. Within 30 days of the damage incident or of the operator's actual knowledge of the damage incident, an operator shall submit the information to the Commission through TDRF, which may be accessed through the Commission's online reporting system using its assigned operator identification code.

Online Filing

  • EDI Document - Electronic Document Interchange (PDF) is for use by pipeline operators for file layout-format and other general information.
  • P-5 Pipeline Operators ONLY: Assign a Security Administrator for Filing Operations. To file forms electronically through the RRC Online System, you must first assign a Security Administrator for your organization by submitting a Security Administrator Designation for Electronic Filing form to the RRC. The Security Administrator can then assign user roles to others in your organization, enabling them to file forms electronically with the RRC. The Security Administrator may also file forms electronically, but must first assign himself/herself a user role with rights to file. For more information on the Security Administrator functions and responsibilities, please see the RRC Online System frequently asked questions, and the PDF instructions for user account creation/maintenance.

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