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LNG Licensing Checklist

To expedite the licensing process, review the checklist below. Missing documentation (including signatures) or incomplete payment will delay the issuance of your license. A licensing FAQ document is available for assistance, or call 512-463-6462.

___ LICENSE CATEGORY: Determine the appropriate license category for your company. The explanation of categories can be found at the following link: LNG License Categories.

___   COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE: All licensees must designate a company representative. The individual must hold a current Railroad Commission management-level certification (blue card) appropriate for the company’s license category.

___   LICENSE APPLICATION: Complete and sign Form 2001, Application for License.

___   If your business is a corporation or a limited liability company, submit a copy of your Franchise Tax Certification of Account Status from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

___   If your business is a corporation or a limited liability company, submit a copy of your Certificate of Filing letter from the Texas Secretary of State’s office.

___   DOING BUSINESS AS. If your company performs LNG activities under an assumed name (DBA) that does not appear on your Certificate of Filing letter, submit copies of your company’s Assumed Name Certificates that are required to be filed with the respective county clerk’s office and/or the Texas Secretary of State.

___   OUTLETS: If your company has one or more outlets, complete Form 2001A, Branch Outlet List.

___   VEHICLES: If you operate a transport, bobtail, or container delivery truck, complete Form 2007, Truck Registration.

___   INSURANCE: New applicants must submit a copy of the ACORD 25 Form, or other form approved by the Texas Department of Insurance to comply with the licensing insurance requirements. Insurance requirements vary according to license category, whether the licensee transports fuel, and whether the licensee has employees.

___   PAYMENT. Pay the licensing and truck fees by credit card online or by check (or money order). Include the credit card receipt or check with all of the applicable forms.


        Mail: Railroad Commission of Texas, Alternative Fuels Safety, P.O. Box 12967, Austin TX 78711-2967, 
        Email: lplicense@rrc.texas.gov
        Fax: 512-463-7292