Protested Applications

1.  Types of Protestants

  • Affected person. The rules define an affected person as "a person who has suffered or will suffer actual injury or economic damage other than as a member of the general public, and includes surface owners of record of property on which the well is located and adjoining offset operators."
  • Local government.

2.  Time Limits for Protesting

  • The rules provide a fifteen-day opportunity for protest. The fifteen-day period begins on the latest of three dates:
    • the date the application is received by the Commission with the appropriate fee;
    • the date notice is mailed or delivered to the surface owner, offset operators, and city/county clerks; and
    • the date notice is published.

3.  Options for Applicant

  • Withdraw the application.
  • Obtain a letter from the protestant withdrawing the protest.
  • Request a hearing. 


    An application must be administratively complete before it may be set for hearing.